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Excellent and simple free utility to monitor your working and idle hours
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Work Time Monitor is a free and terribly useful application that will record every second of your working and idle hours. Designed to be used only with desktop computers, it produces extensive reports that log and categorize all your PC activity. It offers you enough settings to customize your working time, extra days and hours, and even the way the program detects activity on your system.

The first thing you need to do is to give the program all the parameters it needs to know about your working cycle to provide accurate reports. Thus, you will need to designate the first day of your working week, how long a full and a half day are, which days of the week can be considered working days, etc. With all these settings, Work Time Monitor can start logging and reporting on your PC activities, though you can always fine-tune your settings further. You can tell the program how to deal with extra days and hours, with underworked and half days, and what data should appear in its reports and what should be left out. You can also tell this program the frequency with which it should check for activity and even what “activity” stands for.

The activity report will be “printed” in a simple text file and updated as scheduled and according to your preferences. Here you will find totals for your working days and time, the average work time, the extra hours, etc., together with detailed accounts of the exact starting and end times of your daily working activity.

All in all, Work Time Monitor is a free and extremely easy-to-use tool that will help all freelancers to keep track of the time they spend working on their computers.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simple interface with clear settings
  • Provides extensive information about your working and idle hours
  • Allows you to configure your working months, days, and hours
  • Fully customizable


  • Starts recording your PC activity at the beginning of the next working day
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